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Cooling lubricants
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Cooling lubricants

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Lubricating coolants (coolant) for machine tools


  • prevents metal corrosion
  • prevents the formation of mold and mildew
  • removes tar stains
  • reliable and economical.

Cooling lubricants for woodworking and metalworking

Our company, in cooperation with leading experts in the petrochemical industry, has created a new coolant concentrate for machine tools (cutting fluid) for woodworking.

Specifications Meaning
Coolant / water ratio 1: 10 1: 5 1: 4
Freezing point - 5 - ten - 15

Coolant for woodworking and metalworking machines

The use of coolant during sawing wood ensures effective removal of chips and resin from tools and equipment parts, which significantly, up to 40% , prolongs their service life. The solution is used in low concentration - 0.5 - 1% (1: 200 - 100). Easily soluble in water, even at low temperatures. The use of dilution does not entail any changes in the color or odor of the treated wood.

For work in the winter season, a special “winter” coolant concentrate has been developed, which, at various concentrations, provides antifreeze at temperatures down to - 25 C.


Lenker Band Saw Blade Cooling Fluid is designed for optimum economy and efficiency.

Buy Sozh in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus in Lenker is a smart choice

Lubricating coolant is a processing aid that reduces tool wear. Also coolants for metalworking machines provide the desired surface quality and accuracy in the release of parts.

Cooling lubricants can be purchased in our online store. Our coolant price is affordable and attractive.

Concentrate for wood: main features

The cutting fluids used in the wood sawing process provide excellent chip and resin removal from equipment. This, in turn, significantly extends the service life of the tool. Wood treatment fluid dissolves without problems in water at all temperatures. At the same time, the processed wood does not change color and smell.

The catalog of our store contains lubricating liquids for the cold period. You can buy Sozh that does not freeze even at - 25 C at a convenient time by placing an application.

Wood treatment fluid: benefits

Coolants for machine tools and band saws are produced taking into account the peculiarities of the operation of woodworking equipment. Among the indisputable advantages of the substance are:

  • reliability

  • ecological cleanliness and safety for the environment

  • prevent metal corrosion

  • protect against the appearance of fungus and mold

  • get rid of resin stains

  • economically beneficial cost of solutions.

Lenker is a partner with a proven track record

Our company is respected in the market for the production of industrial equipment for the metal and woodworking industries. We guarantee our clients an impeccable service. Consultants will answer all questions in detail. We have low prices, a reliable supply system throughout Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

Packing: cardboard

Payment terms: 100% prepayment

Export Terms: DAP

We deliver to all cities of Russia in a convenient and profitable way for you!

Our production:


- Saw sharpening machines

- Band sawmills

- Adjustable machines

- Miter saws for wood

- Tape blade for wood

- Consumables

- Spare parts and add. equipment

- Wheels for sawmills

- Edging machines

- Rolled metal for band saws

- Cutters


- Bimetallic band blade for metal

- Manual machines for cutting metal (turn in one direction)

- Manual machines for cutting metal (turn in two directions)

- Semi - automatic metal cutting machines (console type)

- Semi - automatic metal cutting machines (column type)

- CNC machines for metal (console type)

- CNC machines for metal (column type)

- Spare parts and add. equipment

- Consumables

- CNC band machine


- Band saws for mineral wool

- Band knives for processing foam

- Grinding materials

Food industry

- Food band saws

- Lubricating and cooling liquids

Textile industry

- Textile knives and saws

Information is up-to-date: 12.01.2022

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